Record live videos with Instagram the easiest way so that you can share with everyone your occurrences.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks by millions of people around the world, in one of their updates brought us a novelty that we like very much are talking about recording live video and transmit it via streaming as well as Facebook and twitter.

Grabar sus videos en vivo con Instagram

Once we begin to record live Instagram send notifications to all your followers so that they follow you live what they transmit, is a story or a information you want to present.

Here you will teach to record in live with Instagram of the form more simple, only follows the steps that you leave:

First we go to the Instagram app open application we’re going to the left upper side there will find a camera image is the click, you will send to the normal option to record, then you will get an option on left side to record live videos and can transmit your recordings to all persons you want to remember that you one after recording can not publish it or save the video as you do on Facebook.

Grabar sus videos en vivo con Instagram

This new update of Instagram is available for Android and iOS and in almost all countries and if you are not yet available in your country, don’t have to worry that soon got this update for your country,

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