You can now post messages 140 characters on twitter


Now twitter works on a feature that will allow users of bird being able to write morethan 10 000 characters and thus can leave old leaving you just have to type only 140 characters, this was published by the site Re/Code.

You can now post messages 140 characters on twitter


Jack Dorsey technicians currently practice the new feature named “more than 140” characters (Beyond 140), which would be particularly targeted for business communication and expand the number of users.


Messages continue to appear in 140 characters, but those who have one larger sizewill be entirely just click on the text, indicates Re/Code, citing anonymous sources.

This tool to publish texts long could be released between October, November or December of the 2016.

Twitter also works on any problems that may occur to users, how to avoid spam (unwanted messages) and the put limits on references to other users of the service, according to the publication.


Twitter in 2006 established the standards of 140 characters when it was only a text or also known as sms messaging service.

Subsequent standards have lightened the standard, as the introduction of links of hypertext, to tiny very long, that can be reduced to less than a dozen of characters.


In the middle of last year the company had already removed the limit of 140 characters in private messages.

There is also the possibility to publish longer on Twitter texts to upload a screenshot of these.


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