Now Facebook will detect the news fake dare a notification filter.

In a press conference News Feed Adam Mosseri Vice President announces that from now on Facebook had a filter to detect the false news, informing the user about the veracity of the content that is looking and can take action on it, the information we see on Facebook and content that we share must be true , says Adam Mosseri.

Facebook creates a system of filters to detect false news

This detection system of false news that is implementing Facebook, will first be active in 14 countries, Germany was the first country he tested these filters, Facebook is very clear that, to eliminate this type of publications, eliminates also the economic incentives that received these types of publications, also want to create products that may stop this type of content and help people make good decisions based on information.

Mosseri believes that we must take decisions drastic so they no longer fill the walls of false information and the network, the majority of people climbing false network information makes it by economic incentive that ideological, the pages that we have reviewed in most have two or three sentences and as 80% or 90% of advertising, when someone comes to see the article and they click on one of your ads the owner of the page profits into real money.

Facebook creates a system of filters to detect false news

Disable accounts

Facebook does not hand tremble you when Gates accounts that are involved in false news, this account with a dedicated team to check Facebook accounts and check the veracity of the news, also will pay more attention to those people who buy advertising to give more visibility to their false news, will also add a layer of artificial intelligence to better detect from patterns of behavior.

Facebook this decided and make every effort to reduce these false content, not can be judges of the truth, but if working with organizations that help us to make better decisions and give us context when assessing.

Source: CNN

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