Facebook testing a search engine for free wifi networks for its millions of users, the social network is testing this new feature in their mobile applications.

Facebook continues to evolve and betting on the inclusion of new functions, and in this case he surprised with a public Wi-Fi networks search engine that allows you to locate places where you can get internet access for free.

At the moment it’s an experimental feature that is in the process of testing, which implies that still it has not reached the official applications from the social network, but could do so in the coming months.

A spokesman for Facebook commented on VentureBeat that ‘new search users to remain connected with their friends and accessing the experiences that matter’.

Users can find a map of the city where within that time, the places that offer free Wi-Fi.


But the truth is that there are already mobile applications that offer this feature to locate sites and premises with Wi-Fi, include it within Facebook will be very useful for users of the social network, since you won’t have to download additional programs.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that this new functionality will also contribute to the objective of the company to connect to the internet to the greatest number of people on the planet


To determine if you need this new function should open Facebook app, go to the menu identified by the button that has three lines, known by some as hamburger menu and there to explore the options until you get to “find Wi-Fi”. How vulnerable are networks wi fi in the city for the first time to use this option, the social network will ask permission to the user to use your location, in order to find the closest connections. It will then leave the map of the area in which the user making the query is.

The guys of Mark Zuckerberg not want help to find networks public free through the application of messaging to save in our rate of data.

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