So far, when you spent above the news section of your Facebook, published videos reproduced automatically, but silently. Within very little, when you have to scroll by the news that your friends have posted, videos will start playing as before, with the difference that now will make it sound way.

It’s an important novelty, which surely very few had claimed him on Facebook, but that the social network has been testing since August of last year. Now he has decided and functionality soon land to our accounts.


Facebook has announced this measure through a publication in its official blog, claiming that it is a major change to improve the quality of life of the people. According to Facebook, when we stopped on a video, what we expect is that it reproduces sound. Say those responsible of this social network, which if happens so everything is more logical.

It can be that many users consider that you it’s a little wise decision. You will agree that, many times, we confronted our Facebook while we wait in the waiting room in the doctor’s trip on the metro, or before entering a meeting. How would you like that, suddenly, to bump into a video, this starts to sound shrill way in all the waiting room of the dentist?

In fact, the system is not anything other than a way to make sure that I listen to ads that are embedded in many of these videos. Luckily, phones that are configured in silence not play sound from videos and there will be an option, within the configuration section, to disable it if the feature is not to our liking.

In the settings section, there is an option that will pray “Videos in the News Feed start with sound”, so that users will have to access the bowels of Facebook settings to get rid of this spontaneous functionality. That or always take care of having the phone in silence. But, how many times you forgot to do so?

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But this will not be the only change that Facebook will award its users. The company also wanted to add some improvements to the experience of playing videos via mobile phone. From this update, vertical videos will be extended in full screen, if users do nothing to avoid it, moving it with your finger.

Another interesting option will be able send videos to a corner of the screen, so we are seeing the content, but at the same time, we can keep glancing at Facebook updates. If you also have a mobile phone with Android, you can “minimize” the application and navigate out of the tool.

New Ways to Watch Facebook Video

‎Posted by Facebook on‎ 13 فروری, 2017

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But eye, have another important development for users who want to enjoy the videos on its smart TV. And is that Facebook is working on a new application (on which I have already spoken on other occasions) that will be compatible with the Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV services or even Apple TV, with the possibility to make the leap to other platforms soon.

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