New policy changes in.WhatsApp now share with Facebook the phone number of their users, as well as information about how often they use the instant messaging service.
Courier company, owned by Facebook since 2014, has announced a change in its terms of use and privacy policy that contemplates the exchange of information between WhatsApp and social network.

Facebook will have access to the telephone number of those who use Whatsapp

Thus, the social network will have access to the phone number that each user uses to verify their WhatsApp account as well as data on the frequency with which the application uses, among them the late connection-.
According to the company, will share this information with different objectives: obviously improve advertising effectiveness to serve ads that are more relevant to users of Facebook and suggestions to connect with acquaintances and, on the other hand, combat abuse and unwanted Whatsapp messages.
The service recognizes that other subsidiaries of Facebook, and Instagram, may also use the information Whatsapp for “various activities”, as accounts suggest which follow.

Users of courier may refuse to have their data are used to “improve experiences on ads and products,” but not that Facebook knows your phone number and activity patterns in Whatsapp.
However, the connection of phone numbers with Facebook favor systems that users see ads from companies with which have already been reported previously.
Whatsapp customers receive from today a notification with the new terms of privacy, from which moment have 30 days to accept them if they wish to continue using the application.

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