Get to know the secret features of Facebook Messenger

Discover the secret functions of Facebook Messenger like hidden games, plans, even chat in private and much more.

Facebook Messenger, is currently one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, was created in the year 2008 by Facebook, eventually turned into an independent application launching new features for its platform, putting In one of the favorites of the public, almost reaching WhatsApp.

However, there are some secret functions that you do not know and that can make a lot of help when chatting in the application.

First trick to play with your friends.

Now Messenger includes a variety of games for you to play alone or even play online with your friends.

It is very easy to access them only open your application and you go to section games at the bottom with the symbol of a video game, you click and you will get several games like Solitaire, Block puzzle, Infinity, Pac man many more , they also recommend you with whom friend you want to play ready.

Get to know the secret features of Facebook Messenger

Second trick chat in secret mode.

This trick very few people know, Messenger allows you to chat in Incognito, through secret messages, encrypted and that are a short time to be deleted then are very safe.

To start chatting in Incognito you only have to choose who to talk to then you go to the top right of your application and click on a symbol of a switch, then choose to go to the secret conversation your screen will change to black color to start Chat.

Get to know the secret features of Facebook Messenger

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Third trick make plans with your friends

If you are one of the people who forget everything and do not remember anything this trick will serve you a lot.

Making plans with your friends or reminders is now easy with Messenger, when you get the date and time you indicated, Messenger will notify both people of the event they created.

To create your plan first open your application, choose a friend you head to the top right and click on the switch, then click on Start Plan, choose the date, the time, you put a name and accept, ready, when the day arrives Messenger will let you know of your plan that you have created.

Get to know the secret features of Facebook Messenger

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