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Post a message on twitter is very easy, just type in the text box to find when you open your page. twitter allows us to only write text with a maximum of 140 characters

Post a message on Twitter is very easy, just type it into the text box to find your page.
Remember that Twitter only lets you publish a maximum of 140 characters spaces das writing’ll let an example to understand better also consider:

“I love you diana” if you count letters and spaces you will notice that you used 21 characters and twitter counter will show you that left 119 characters.


When you write a message on your twitter page and public, it is known as “tweeting” and the message you wrote is called a “tweet“.
All messages you post will receive the people you follow in real time. This allows any event as a story, an accident, a birthday or something unexpected comes instantly to others.
If those who receive the tweet, believe they should share and give a click “Retweet”, any event may propagate faster than by any other means. That is the main feature and advantage of Twitter.

Twitter has a kind of language or own slang used for space at most, to really use many abbreviations such as RT, DM, FF, VIA, MT and many others.
For all these characters mean and learn to use them, read the next page: Abbreviations and characters used in the language of Twitter

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