start a Periscope from Twitter. “

This new integration of Twitter equal the Facebook, that in sharing options allows the possibility of starting a broadcast streaming. Since the acquisition last year of Periscope social network of 140 characters has tried to make this app remain independent, which in some ways has played down competition by allowing Facebook to gain ground.

In the last month, however, Twitter has tried to recover moving faster than usual. The company has begun allowing users to draw on the screen while making emissions, he has hired its first editor-in-chief to ensure interesting things to see and started to enable the option to save the videos forever, a detail that so far he had subtracted competition with Facebook, because only lasted 24 hours on the platform.
As taxing real time on twitter

First we downloaded the application from play store pericope
We go to the twitter application, open the application played in the feather found in bottom of your phone out several options we play where there is a camera that says live, we will say that we accept that periscope is link to twitter give ok .
then he asks you to give a title to the transmission of video that you share with your friends and family you give start transmission began taxing real time all the events that you want to publish.

You can stop the transmission at any time, once stopped the transmission will tell you how many viewers had, the display time, the display time per viewer and duration of the video.
You can save directly to your gallery

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