Facebook is a social networking par excellence and one of the most used worldwide

Facebook last update version 3.10.20 released for facebook and created by Microsoft for Windows 10 brings many new features, including some of its features have been corrected some flaws, if you have not yet reached an update on facebook on your computer does not do not worry, you can do it manually from the Windows page.

facebook download for Windows 10

Update 03/10/20 facebook created and launched for Windows 10

These are the innovations that brings us the latest update on facebook:
.- Corrected the problems arising with map display
.- Corrected the problems related share option
.- Corrected the problems associated with photo
.- Corrected problems when sharing files group
.- Corrected the problems with birthdays
.- The application no longer suffers unexpected closures
.- And other improvements.

You can see that the list of improvements is quite extensive. Either way the real changes came with the application developed by the company FACEBOOK INC. the actual application upgrades so many people waiting for the application hopefully put a beta version at least for his followers giant Facebook will be.

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