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 Instagram is one of the most popular social networks to share photos. Each an of the photographs that take and share will correspond to a publication. You can use your cell phone camera to take a picture and upload it immediately to this network, or you can upload any who have taken previously and now want to share with your followers of Instagram. When you post an image, this network provides you a variety of options to edit and apply filters. These allow you to modify the image before you publish it.

Download and install the Instagram app. This application is the only one that will allow you to publish photographs in this network. You can not make any publication from Instagram website.

Create an account or sign in with your Facebook account. If you have installed the Facebook application on your phone, you can use your account from this network to quickly log on Instagram. If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to use it to login, you can create an account using your email address.

Step 1: Press the camera button at the bottom of the application of Instagram. This is located just to the center of the row of buttons located on the part lower. You take a picture or choose any of the Gallery of pictures of your cell. All the publications that are made in Instagram consist in photographs. Click the blue button to take a picture or press the “Gallery” button located on the left hand side to search in your photo gallery. You can also press the “Video” button to record a 15-second video.

Press the button which is located just above the camera button to toggle between the front camera and the rear camera in your cell.


Step 2: Edit your picture. After take a photography or of select any of your gallery, you can edit it before publishing it. Press the key “→” when you’re finished editing. There are several editing options you can try.

Select a filter from the list. One of the main features of Instagram is the variety of filters you can apply to your picture. Colors and filters can do to make your image look fabulous in different ways. Slides your finger to the left or to the right to try them filters. Remember that not all technological devices have access to the same filters.

Press the button where it appears the figure of a “Sun” to adjust the filter “Lux”. This soften or illuminate the image and will work much better in landscape photographs. The Lux setting is not available for older versions of Instagram.

Press the button where it appears the figure of a “wrench” to view other editing options. You can use basic settings such as brightness and contrast, or you can edit your photos in a most special way such as blur the image or put (vignetting) framework.


Step 3: Add a caption. It is not necessary to do so; However, a good photo caption will cause your picture to get more attention. A good caption should be brief and pleasant. Must add you context to the image or complement it in any way.

Add some hashtags. This is another of the main features of Instagram. These hashtags categorized your picture and allow that other people can find it when they seek a topic specific. Those hashtags are composed of a single word or of several words United.

Hashtags have to be added at the foot of the photo and are represented with a #. For example, if you upload a photography that is related with landscapes, can add the hashtag #paisajes in your foot of photo.

Select a social network where you can share your publication. Since the Instagram app to share your publication on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks. After writing your foot’s photo, choose in which another network you would like to publish your photography. You will be prompted that you log in the network you’ve chosen in the event that you have not done so yet.


Tag people in your image. If you wish, you can tag people you know in your picture by typing their names of user Instagram. Then, click on the face of the person you want to tag and look for your user name. It is likely that they have to approve these labels before they are viewable.

 Finally select send a message direct. By default, your followers can view your publication automatically. If press the tab “direct” in the part superior of the option “share in”, can send a message private to someone. Can write them names of user of the people to which want to send them the publication.

Press the button “✓” when you are satisfied with your publication.

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