Watch Party, download YouTube videos with other people at the same time

Watch Party, download YouTube videos with other people at the same time

Any time you has last that are watching a video in YouTube and like that other person it see in your computer simultaneously with you, now it can make using Watch Party, an interesting option that us allows enjoy of them videos of YouTube with other people through Internet, comment and react by emojis.

In general, the performance of Watch Party is more simple and intuitive. Nothing more access to the web will find them videos that are playing others users of the portal, taking the possibility of unite us to the reproduction. Of course, it more likely is that what you want is see a video with your friends and family. For this will have that do click in the button + located in the corner upper left e introduce the URL of the video to create a room.



Then you will only have to provide the link generated to the people with whom you want to play the video. As go moving the reproduction will have the possibility of react using various emojis, as well as of send comments using our has of Twitter, Facebook or Google +.


Arrived to this point not can deny that it is of an option of it more interesting. If it has struck you, we recommend strongly that you can share with your friend and family on Facebook.

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