now with YouTube already can see your videos in live and it best of all in 4 k

us already know that YouTube is the application by excellence for see videos by internet and also that always goes by front in when to new trends audiovisual, now has given a step at offer us streaming of video live to resolution known commercially as 4 K Although in actual resolution is 3840x2160p (UHD), now the creators and content diffusers can be live performed its transmissions from today.


In this way, those who already have televisions or monitors to 4K can from today itself enjoy those events, events and other live broadcasts that are carried out under resolution 4K via streaming through YouTube, having four times more than definition than those offered by emissions in FullHD.

Noted to the respect that the emissions of video in streaming to 4 K not only is applicable to them videos standard since also is applicable to videos immersive to 360 °, so them emissions live of concerts, events sports and others events that is carried low resolution 4 K to 360 ° already should be an experience almost indescribable, and more taking in has that them emissions can be of until 60 fps (frames by second), offering a realistic striking.


YouTube recently issued the Live Game Awards to 4K, which will allow owners of televisions or monitors to 4K enjoy a quality of standard video streams live amazing.

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